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Your one-stop resource for dating & information on vintage and antique Chubb Locks, Safes & Security Equipment

The site records, with great fondness, the history of both the products and the people of the company. Therefore do contact us if you, a family member or if one of your ancestors worked for Chubb or one of their subsidiaries.

One  purpose is to help those who may be in doubt as to the age of an old Chubb Lock, a Chubb Safe, or other Chubb security equipment or product especially if  bearing a serial number or alternatively perhaps you are looking for historical information.

Chubb, in their later years acquired Hobbs Hart, Milner, and Chatwood Milner. Year dates can also be given for these companies products.

Enquiries, comment and criticism welcome, contact our archavist. (More info on our contact page), additionally we are always looking to document and preserve past Chubb artefacts - do get in touch if you can help or add to this site in any way.

Picture reproduced by kind permission of Lord Hayter

Lord Hayter's Detector Lock


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The Header Banner depicts a sense of the rational for this site. People working making Chubb security products and a version of the lock that started it all in 1818 - The Chubb Detector Lock. The Chubb Fish logo represents the  keen  brand identity the company portrayed throughout its life in the badges crests and escutcheons and other branding, always keeping the Chubb name in front of users.