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The Chubb Story

In the same way that locks also tell the story of man, his nature and his foibles, so does the Chubb story also tell this self same story. Lord Hayter, great, great grandson of the founder said “In a world where all were good the lock and safe manufacturer would raise little demand for his products”. In other words security devices, locks and safes etc., is acknowledgement of mans nature but is also mans attempt to modify his fellow mans behaviour.

A lock is always part of something else, your home, a business, safes or vaults and chests or coffers to name a few. However it is the lock itself that secures the enclosure giving the owner via his key ‘privileged access’. No sooner than a seemingly perfect solution is found the crooks try to find a way to defeat it, sometimes with great ingenuity, and so the process of security is a continuously evolving one.

So the story of Chubb, starting with those two brothers Jeremiah and Charles in the early years of the 19th century, through to the acquisition of the company by Assa Abloy in the last years of the 20th  century and the loss of the Chubb name a microcosm of human nature is experienced.

This then is the Chubb Story…

Chubb date chart

Left: The varying font face used by the company in their advertising and logos over the years can give an indication of age or period.